European Capital of Culture Ireland 2020 – How to win………

Here at Milestone, by virtue of some direct and indirect experience, we are simply fascinated by the concept of ‘Capitals of Culture’, be they national or European.

In 2020 Ireland, together with Croatia, will play host to a European Capital of Culture.  By then it will have been 15 years since the last one – Cork 2005.  While we won’t know for some time yet where in Ireland the honour will be earned (4 bids are known to be underway), we are taking this opportunity to bring you a series of interesting insights into European Capital of Culture programmes being delivered and taking shape elsewhere right now.  We’ll also be bringing updates about what the 4 Irish candidates are doing to build their bids.  One thing is certain, competition will be fierce.

This blog involves content aggregation and curation on our part, some summarisation alright, but not much comment.  It is up to you to comment, to share and to take on board, or reject, all that we present.

To get the ball rolling, we came across this absolute gem from Matera, the Italian city which was announced in late 2014 to host ECOC 2019.

Take a look at the video – look at the crowds that have gathered to hear the result and their absolute joy when it is announced.  The Irish winner will surely be the one which can mobilise and harness such local ownership, pride and passion.

To summarise, this tells us that the winning formula for Matera involved throwing the doors wide open to mobilise local pride and citizen participation as well as harnessing technology towards radical social innovation and enhanced international visibility.  Easy?  Maybe not.  A fascinating, innovative and winning approach?  Absolutely!