More Research Projects

Other research projects which the Milestone team have undertaken include:

Kildare County Childcare Committee 2007
Evaluation and strategic plan development Involving strategic review, structural review, impact assessment, stakeholder consultation and area demographic profiling to DED level.

Irish Greyhound Industry Skillnets 2007
Determination of the Return on Investment In Human Resource Development.

Esker Monastery and Retreat Centre 2008
Collaboration with Bane Mullarkey on research aimed at developing a business plan towards achieving sustainability 2008
Survey of over 2,000 members of the website Demographic, geographic and socio-economic profiling, Study of their Internet usage patterns

Blackwater Resource Development and IRD Duhallow 1994-2000
Produced 3 multi-annual intergated Local Development Plans yielding €10million in LEADER investment.