Gaillimh Le Gaeilge

Milestone Inventive, together with Edgecast Media, was commissioned to research the contemporary linguistic situation of the Irish language in  Galway City.

The project necessitated the comprehensive survey of attitudes towards and occasions of use of, the Irish language in Galway City across a sample representative of its populations. As well as the monitoring of the use of Irish in print media, radio, social media, in local businesses, state agencies, in marketing and online, we also conducted extensive desk research into the socio-economic context of Irish in Galway and the mechanisms pertinent to achieving bi-lingual status. This project also included the bench-marking and comparison of Galway’s linguistic situation to other international best practice models. The resultant report (published in Irish and English)  provided solid, reliable statistics that paved the way to making meaningful recommendations  towards the objective of Galway achieving official bi-lingual status.