HOPE IT RAINS | SOINEANN NÓ DOINEANN is a Galway 2020 flagship commission involving the engagement of communities throughout County Galway in 6 different participatory arts initiatives across such themes as climate change, play, alternative energy generation, community mapping and the promotion of Gaeltacht culture. Turning our bad weather to good use, HOPE IT RAINS | SOINEANN NÓ DOINEANN will make Galway the place to be because it rains and blows! We want to effect a cultural change in our relationship with weather, and use it as a source of creativity and communality. Milestone will be producing hundreds of workshops and other forms of participant engagement, distilling and communicating outcomes and building towards final manifestations of the work conducted that will be in the forms of permanent and temporary installations, exhibitions, publications and legacy projects.

Our specific role over all 6 initiatives includes but is not limited to:

  • Financial and budgetary project management
  • All marketing and communications management
  • Event planning and production
  • Securing permissions including planning permission (or exemption) for installations
  • Ensuring safety certification and insurance of installations
  • Overseeing, managing & coordinating all community engagement & call outs
  • Sourcing and managing venues for workshops and coordinating workshops
  • Managing volunteers across the various strands
  • The management & implementation of child protection policies and GDPR requirements
  • Overseeing all social media outputs across various platforms