Temple Bar Markets Management

From 2015 to 2020, on behalf of first the Temple Bar Cultural Trust and then Dublin City Council Licensing Unit, Milestone has served as Market Manager, looking after on-going management and curation, of the Temple Bar Markets: Meeting House Square Food Market, Cow’s Lane Designer Mart & Temple Bar Book Market.

During this time the following was successfully delivered:

  • Eliminated the use of gas by food traders for safety reasons
  • Assessed over 120 applications for participation
  • Facilitated 13 new traders to fill vacancies as they arose
  • Devised and implemented safety and fire evacuation plans & conducted fire drills
  • Maintained a consistency and high standard in weekly management
  • Pursued trader arrears
  • Supported 3 trader-led marketing campaigns;
  • Developed proposals for new markets to make greater use of the Square (at the request of TBCT);
  • Provided information about safety and food safety to traders;
  • Conducted market research
  • Worked with both DCC and TBCT to facilitate the smooth handover of the overall responsibility of the Market from The Temple Bar Cultural Trust to Dublin City Council
  • Developed and maintained good-working relationships with all of the traders within the three markets.

And weekly:

  • Provision of market manager each Saturday to oversee the smooth on the ground running of the market
  • Deal with issues arising e.g. weather, security, access
  • Deal with licensing and EHO inspections
  • Conduct inspections & drill (safety)
  • Supervise and deploy security personnel as needed
  • Liaising with DCC in relation to licence renewals and arrears
  • Ongoing communication with traders via email, WhatsApp and phone
  • Handling new applications as per the criteria and quotas
  • Coordinating services like refuse, cleaning, maintenance & security and ensuring follow up action takes place where issues arise e.g.  EHO issues & arranging for extra security on specific times of year – St Patrick’s Day & Gay Pride
  • Marketing support – social media and coordinating PR and advertising campaigns
  • Liaising with the electricians to ensure optimum and safe distribution of power and dealing with outages should they occur
  • Coordinating one off activities like the subsidised purchase of new gazebos of a uniform standard in Temple Bar Sq
  •  conducted audience research into the profile and satisfaction levels of visitors to the markets